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What's Happening at Air Heritage

2 days ago

Air Heritage Inc.

Both luck of the Irish and Thunder Pig have safely arrived back at Beaver!

Here is the arrival of the Pig!
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Thanks Dave sorry I didn't get out.

Mike Abbott Lauren Abbott

Phil Graeser

Thanks again for coming over to Somerset County

We would like to see the Thunder Pig at the Ernie Hall Aviation Wings N Wheels!

Beautiful landing, so glad it all went safely! Hope you had a memorable time!

Great memories from when I was a student at CCBC back in 1995 and there was some neat hardware there back then, too !

My kids love Thunder Pig! They can’t wait to come visit!

Great to see they made it home safe! Flew over my house. Wanted to be there to see them land but no one called as I had hoped and saw the Facebook post too late. Hopefully next time.

2 days ago

Air Heritage Inc.

Due to the weather, the event at Somerset has wrapped up for the day. The C-47 is planning on taking off around 3PM followed by the C-123.

Initially we were going to fly back in formation but due to the weather it is not looking like that is going to happen. The C-123 will be departing with a slight delay behind the C-47.

Arrival in Beaver County should be around 3:30-3:45 for the first aircraft.
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Thunderpig just flew over my house,wish I could've seen Luck of the Irish go over,I love that radial sound.

Fo you guys still have a Mohawk?

3 days ago

Air Heritage Inc.

Thunder Pig’s departure earlier today to Somerset! ... See MoreSee Less

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Was amazing

Just so cool!

Do you have an ETA for arriving back home? I really hope you will both make a pass over Chippewa so we can see you during our Fathers Day celebration!! Our grandkids would love it!


Need to put the jets back in. It can’t be a Thunder Pig without them!

Wish I was on board!

Boy wish i knew it was coming here. I live 20 mins from that airport and didnt hear a peep about it

Was Pat flying?

4 days ago

Air Heritage Inc.

C-47 start up imminent! ... See MoreSee Less

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