• Mooney M20E

    Mooney M20E

    The Mooney M20E Super 21 was donated to Air Heritage this year. The plane is in great shape and is currently undergoing its annual.


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  • F-4C Phantom II

    F-4C Phantom II

    Meet our F-4C Phantom II! It arrived home from Dayton on, August 28th, 2012. It is currently being restored for static display at the museum. Check back soon for more information about the project. For more information about the Phantom please visit the Wikipedia page.


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  • C-47B Skytrain “Luck of the Irish”

    Douglas C-47B Skytrain “Luck of the Irish” In January 2013, Air Heritage Inc. made the decision to acquire a C-47 that had been ferried to our airfield. It was the dreams of many at Air Heritage to get a C-47. At the time we purchased it, we had no clue the history behind the aircraft, […]


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  • Funk Model B-75-L

    Funk Model B-75-L

    The Funk Model B is a 1930’s American two seat cabin monoplane designed by Howard and Joe Funk. Originally built by the Akron Aircraft Co. later renamed Funk Aircraft Company. The Model B was the first powered aircraft designed by the brothers, whose only other experience was flying gliders. Engine was their own Model E […]


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  • F-15A Eagle

    F-15A Eagle

    AF 76-012 This aircraft AF 76-012 was a member of the 36th Fighter Wing stationed at Bitburg, Germany in the late 70’s early 80’s and flew in Desert Storm Through the State Surplus Air Heritage acquired the F-15A that stands guard outside of our hangar here at Beaver County Airport, Beaver Falls, Pa. The F-15A […]


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  • Jet Provost T3

    Jet Provost T3

    The Jet Provost T3 was donated to the Museum by the family of Mr. Burt Todd, whose property (Foxly Farms) the Provost sat on for many years outside of Latrobe, Pa. It was noticed by one of our members Peter Frontini Jr. who made contact with the Todds, and through this contact found out that […]


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  • C-123K Provider

    C-123K Provider

    Case Aircraft received a contract from the Air Force in 1946 to design an all metal heavy glider which received the designation CG-20. Consideration was given during the design process to possibility of producing a powered version of the CG-20 glider. A CG-20 was fitted a pair of B-47 inboard jet pods and flew under […]


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  • T-34 Mentor

    T-34 Mentor

    N15MC Serial No: BG-295 The Beechcraft T-34 Mentor is a propeller-driven, single-engined, military training aircraft derived from the Beechcraft Model 35 Bonanza. The earlier models of the T-34 were piston-driven, but the later model T-34C’s were powered by a turboprop engine. Walter Beech developed the military model as the Beechcraft Model 45. First flight of […]


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  • Fairchild 24 Forwarder

    Fairchild 24 Forwarder

    Model 24 C8C N14749 “Maggie’s Pride” The Fairchild Model 24, is a four-seat, single engine monoplane light transport aircraft that was used by the United States Army Air Corps as the UC-61, and by the Royal Air Force. Built by the Fairchild Aircraft Co., after having some success with the Model 22, this led directly […]


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  • T-28B Trojan

    T-28B Trojan

    Navy Serial #138311 (N 214SF) The T28 was manufactured by North American Aviation in the early 1950s. Mainly a trainer for the Air Force and the Navy, it also saw action in Vietnam as a counter – insurgency aircraft. On Sept. 24, 1949, the XT-28 was flown for the first time, designed to replace the […]


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  • L-21B Seneca

    L-21B Seneca

    Piper Super Cub L-21B The L-21 is a conversion of the civil Piper PA-18 Super Cub with increased canopy area and military equipment. It is used for training and liaison work by the U.S. Army and Air Force and was supplied to many of our allies under the Mutual Assistance Defense Plan (MDAP). This restored […]


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