Air Heritage’s 8th Annual Aviation Appreciation Day will be taking place Saturday, August 23rd, 2014, from 8:00AM till 4:00PM.

If you have never been to Air Heritage’s facility before, this will be a great opportunity for you to come out with your family and experience all of our aircraft and exhibits as well as the various aircraft from around the region that will be flying in.

Returning will be our Pancake Breakfast which will be cooked and served in the hangar by the girls from the Fly Girls Cafe, which is located in the main terminal building on the airport. Around noon, we will begin serving lunch items including Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Fresh Cut Fries, Drinks and more. A Bake sale will be taking place throughout the day as well; so no need to bring desert!

Also returning will be our car cruise and military vehicle display. Last year we had between 350-500 cars pass through our ramp, with anywhere between 75 and 125 cars on display at any given time. Included in those numbers were various military vehicles owned by local collectors and members of Air Heritage. If you are an owner of a vehicle and want to show it off, bring it on out!

New for this year’s event will be a craft show! We have spots for up to 100 crafters and have already been receiving applications from crafters who plan on attending. Hopefully, this will be a unique and successful craft show that will be able to be continued into the future.

Admission to the event is free for everyone, however a donation would be greatly appreciated as we are a non-profit museum that survives solely on donations made by our generous supporters.

If you already haven’t liked us on facebook, do so and join our event to receive updates on Aviation Appreciation Day, 2014. We hope to see you and your family there!


Luck of the Irish T-Shirts

We have T-Shirts for sale at our gift shop that are being sold as a fundraiser for the C-47, Luck of the Irish. They come with the Air Heritage logo on the front and what you see above is on the back. They are $13.50 each for sizes Sm-XL and $15.00 and $15.50 each for XXL and XXXL respectively. We have Yellow, Blue, Green and Grey Shirts in these colors.

2014 Air Heritage Pig Roast

Air Heritage’s 7th Annual Pig Roast
Benefits the restoration and preservation of historic aircraft by Air Heritage

When: Saturday, April 26, 2014
Where: Air Heritage Hangar, Beaver County Airport
Time: 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Price: $12.00 per person (children ages 12 and younger are $6)
This event is open to the public.

Tickets can be purchased at the hangar or from any Air Heritage Member.

Call 724-843-2820 for more information
Click here for a map

Air Heritage Inc.
Phone: (724) 843-2820
Fax: (724) 847-4581

Beaver County Airport
35 Piper St.
Beaver Falls, PA 15010
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C123K over the AH hangar

Thunder Pig has safely arrived home from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, completing what has been another successful Air Show Season.

A Year in Recap…

Looking back to earlier this year, we could not have hoped for the season we ended up flying. Typically by March/April of any given year, we know of all the air shows we will be attending for the upcoming season. But this year, by that point, we had only booked around 3 shows due to the economy’s state and the looming Sequester which ended up canceling all Military Air Shows. In years past, Military Air Shows have made up a big part of our season, so with the sequester, we lost a lot of our prospective Air Shows.

However, Things began to turn around for us. Air Shows started to trickle in. Shows that had previously said they could not have us this year began calling us back to ask if we could still make it. We also had Movie and TV production companies calling us, which is nothing new to us, but not on the scale we did this year.

We attended Air Shows in Waterloo -Ontario, Canada, Somerset -Pennsylvania, Dayton -Ohio, Willow Run -Michigan, Erie -Pennsylvania, Kent -Ohio, and Winston-Salem -North Carolina.

We also took part in the filming of the Pilot Episode for the New NBC show called “Believe”, in Farmington – New York, which is supposed to air either this fall or next spring. We filmed a Blockbuster Movie that will air in the Spring of 2014. And finally we filmed for a TV series called “Alpha House”, in Farmingdale – New York, which is from Amazon Studios.

We had another Movie/TV show contact us earlier in the year that wanted us to film in Atlanta, but due to “Believe” we could not make it as it was over the same dates.

None of this would have been made possible without the help of our volunteers at Air Heritage who not only maintain the plane but also put forward their own time and money, in many cases, towards the cause. Mechanically, we had a few snags this year, but we were able to get the plane fixed and continue to attend the shows we said we would. WE DID NOT HAVE TO CANCEL A SINGLE AIR SHOW THIS YEAR!

While we would not be able to fly the plane without the help of our members, the people who especially deserve a HUGE THANKS for keeping the Thunder Pig flying are the thousands of visitors who toured through the aircraft at the Air Shows we attended as well as all of the sponsors for the various Air Shows who contributed towards us being able to attend. All of the donations we receive from these Air Shows go towards the maintenance of Thunder Pig.

We eagerly wait to see you next year on the air show network with Thunder Pig AND Luck of the Irish!

And on that note, THANK YOU Everyone!

Hangar Dance Band

40’s Hangar Dance
Dance to the “Big Band” music of The Beaver “BOPCATS”

When: November 9, 2013
Where: Air Heritage Hangar 35 Piper St. Beaver Falls, PA 15010
Time: 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm
Cost: $25 per person

Call to reserve your tickets today!

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2013 Air Heritage Aviation Appreciation

2013 Aviation Appreciation Day
August 17, 2013 at the Beaver County Airport (BVI)
Fly-In & Car Cruise
8:00am – 4:00pm

Come on out and join us for our 7th Annual Aviation Appreciation Day Fly-In and Car Cruise! Admission is free, though donations are greatly appreciated as they keep our museum and restoration facility running. Breakfast and lunch will be available for purchase throughout the morning and afternoon respectively.

If you have not yet seen our C-47 Skytrain, Luck of the Irish, this is your perfect chance! There will also be static displays of the airport tenant’s aircraft as well as the museum’s static displays of the F-15 Eagle, F-4D Phantom, T-34 Mentor, L-21 Seneca, Funk B, Provost T3, T-28 Trojan, F-24 Fairchild, C-123K Provider and other projects of aviation interest. The public is also encouraged to tour the Air Heritage Museum and Restoration Center.

Join the facebook event!

This year we are offering vendor tables to interested businesses so that you can present your product or service to the visitors at this event. Please see this letter for more information.

Sponsored by:
Air Heritage, Inc
Museum & Aircraft Restoration

Beaver County Airport (BVI)
Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Air Heritage C-47 Landing

Our goal is to restore “Luck of the Irish” back to the state it was in when it flew its last mission during World War Two on May 28th, 1945.

In order to do this, we must raise at least $150,000 dollars to be able to do the complete restoration the plane deserves. Any money raised over our goal will go towards future maintenance for the plane, to allow it to continue attending air shows well into the future as well as paying off the aircraft itself.

Please help by making a donation to our restoration project! Your donation will not just help in bringing a WWII aircraft back into the air, but it will help a World War Two Combat Veteran return to the air. Our plane is not just another war bird that will be painted up to look like another aircraft that served in the War with a decorated history. Instead, our plane has a documented and decorated history of its own; a history that needs to be told for generations to come.

To find out more about the project and to make a donation visit this link.

OX5 Air Heritage Trip

Last month a group of Cliff Ball Wing members of the OX5 Aviation Pioneers stopped by Air Heritage for a tour. Here is what they had to say about their experience.

On April 20, 2013 a group of Cliff Ball Wing members of the OX5 Aviation Pioneers departed from the parking lot at Allegheny County Airport for a trip to the Air Heritage of Western Pennsylvania Beaver Air Museum. Trip was planned by member Norman Hogg earlier in the year. The group departed 10:00 AM with the fist stop at Sal’s restaurant for an excellent lunch and then the Spring CBW meeting.

At 1:00 PM the group was met by Bill Schillig, Air Heritage President, who conducted a tour of the museum facilities. CBW members saw numerous aircraft in various stages of restoration that included a Funk B-75L, F15-A Eagle, Jet Provost T3, C-123K Provider, OV-1D Mohawk, T34 Mentor, Fairchild 24, T-28B Trojan and L-21B Seneca.

In addition to the aircraft being restored, the group viewed the memorabilia area which is very complete with WWII memorabilia, models, and displays. The group was highly pleased with the work being done by Air Heritage and expressed their appreciation with thanks to Bill and Paul Schillig and other museum personnel.

On this day the Air Heritage was conducting an annual pig roast which serves as a fundraising affair for the organization.
-Clifford J. Yerkey, Pres CBW

View the pictures on their website or the video on YouTube.

Air Heritage C-47

2013 Annual Air Heritage Pig Roast
Benefits Air Heritage Aircraft Restoration Projects

When: Saturday, April 20, 2013
Where: Air Heritage Hangar, Beaver County Airport
Time: 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Price: $12.00 per person (children ages 10 and younger are $6)
This event is open to the public.

Come on out to the hangar for the 6th Annual Pig Roast at the Beaver County Airport on Saturday, April 20, 2013 from 3pm-6pm. Visitors will be able to meet Air Heritage members, tour the museum’s aviation displays and view its aircraft, including a C-123K Provider, T-28B Trojan, L-21B Seneca, T-34 Mentor, and F-15A Eagle. This year will be a special year as we celebrate with a local Veteran who served during WWII in the same squadron that the newly acquired C-47 Skytrain flew with. It will also give you the perfect excuse to come out and see the newly acquired C-47 up close.

Tickets can be purchased at the hangar or from any Air Heritage Member.

Call 724-843-2820 for more information
Click here for a map

Air Heritage Inc.
Phone: (724) 843-2820
Fax: (724) 847-4581

Beaver County Airport
35 Piper St.
Beaver Falls, PA 15010
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Air Heritage C-47 Skytrain

Air Heritage at this time, would like to announce the newest member of our museum has touched down on our ramp. Air Heritage is now the proud new owner of a World War Two Veteran, a C-47 Skytrain.

Our C-47 has been sitting on the ramp at the Vietnam Huey Pilots Association’s hangar across from ours’ since November 29th, 2012 when they received it from Florida. We reached a deal with them to sell our OV-1D for their C-47 and the C-47 officially became ours late last week.

For all you OV-1D fans don’t be too upset though, the upside of the deal is that our OV-1D will be staying with us, even though we will no longer be the owner of it, at least for the time being.

Now for a little bit of history of 716.

Our plane came off the production line on September 13th, 1944 and was delivered to the USAAF as a C-47B, # 43-48716. It served in the European Theatre of Operations (ETO) after arriving in Welford Park, England on the 27th of September, 1944, just missing operation Market Garden by ten days.

It briefly served with the 8th Air Force before being transferred to the 9th Air Force sometime before December of ‘44. Upon arriving with the 9th AF, it served within the 53rd Troop Carrier Wing, 435th Troop Carrier Group and 75th Troop Carrier Squadron. It flew two missions over the Battle of the Bulge resupplying the allied forces in late December ’44.

In February of ‘45, it moved to a new home base of Bretigny, France. From there it took place in the world’s largest airborne operation in history to be conducted on a single day, Operation Varsity (March 24th, 1945); dropping over 16,000 paratroopers from several thousand aircraft to cross the River Rhine. On that day, our plane towed two Waco CG-4A Gliders full of troops.

At this time, we don’t have any more specific history of our plane except for dates of transfers within the service. By the time it was retired in 1972, it had been converted into an executive transport, VC-47D. Upon leaving the Air Force, it was used by the state of Florida spraying for Mosquitoes out of the Miami area. From there it was acquired by the Vietnam Huey Pilots Association who had it ferried here to Beaver County.

As for flying, our plane is in a somewhat flying condition. They were able to ferry it up here, but we will need to do some maintenance on it and get it repainted into its military colors before we can begin flying it to air shows hopefully starting next year.

So for all that haven’t seen it yet, why don’t you come on out and see our new combat Veteran.

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